Program Design


Low Ratios of 5:1

Small groups enable us to provide personalized, adaptable, high-quality programs. A 5:1 climber-to-instructor ratio ensures that each student receives support and appropriate challenges. We are able to execute programs that are agile, energetic, and incredibly responsive. 

Experiences are most impactful when instructors are inspired by what they do

The most important aspect of our program design is the passion that we have for climbing as well as the responsibility we feel for mentoring the next generation of climbers. We want to empower students to take ownership of their climbing futures, and to be stewards of the sport. We also have years and countless hours of experience climbing in each of the areas that we take students to.

We follow  Program parameters, but also encourage Limitless experiences

Every program will take climbers through a progression of technical skills, movement technique, mental mindset, and practice. These are all taught so that climbers can begin to understand a growth-mindset and longterm goals. Each program is intentional to challenge and empower climbers to take a hold of their climbing goals, and we are able to tailer our programs to the groups' needs and interests.