Chaos Canyon:

Rocky Mountain National Park

July 18th and August 15

Pro-Climber, Jonathan Siegrist will be helping to lead the clinic on August 15th! This is an amazing opportunity for the climbers to ask questions and to get great insight on what it really means to be an elite level rock climber!

Join us for a clinic in the fun and challenging environment of  Chaos Canyon. You will not only be able to experience world-class bouldering, but also breathtaking  alpine views. 

Ages: 10-17

Cost: 1-day: $220, Lower Chaos

Cost For Pro-Climber Experience Day: $250

Min. amount to run Program: 6 climbers

Max/capped amount: 10 climbers


What to Expect:

This program is designed for climbers who want to take their climbing abilities and test them in the world-class destination of Chaos Canyon in Rocky Mountain National Park with the guidance of climbing mentors and coaches.  We will spend a fun and supportive day in the park challenging each climber on the boulders. 

Bouldering at 10,000 feet in an alpine environment is a unique challenge,  and this program is designed for experienced climbers who are capable of climbing V4 and above, can hike for over an hour with a 30lb pack, and of course: who are looking to push themselves.


What We Will Cover:

  • History of bouldering in the Park
  • Potential hazards, spotting, pad placement in alpine talus, topping-out, down-climbing, grading
  • Environmental impacts and Leave No Trace in an Alpine Environment
  • Problem selection and how to navigate the massive boulder fields 
  • Fundamentals of bouldering in high altitude and how it differs from lower lying areas.
  • How to deal with the ever-changing alpine weather
  • Climbing technique: RMNP offers some of the most powerful and crimpy climbing in the nation, and we will help climbers break-down how to be successful in this uniquely challenging terrain
  • Analysis of their climbing movement and technique with direct instruction on how to improve
  • Mental strategies for climbing outside at your limit



7:30 – Arrive at Beaver Meadows Visitors Center
8:30 – Begin Hiking from Bear Lake
9:30 – Overview of the boulders in Lower Chaos/ Emerald Lake
10:00 – Warm-up and select an objective for the day, based on the individual climber's goals.
4:00- Begin hiking down
5:30- Arrive back at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center