Shelf Road Climbing

Join us for three exciting days camping and sport climbing on the interesting and technical limestone terrain at Shelf Road!


Shelf Road

Join us for an adventure at shelf road, where each student will get specific coaching, mentorship, and encouragement as they work on new climbing projects in a beautiful and supportive setting


Dates: Early June, TBD

Cost: $675

Ages: 11-17

All you need to bring are personal items, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. Full gear list will be provided on sign-up!


Day 1:

2pm: Meet at City Park, give out gear and brief orientation. Drive down to Shelf Road climbing area and arrive in the evening to set-up camp, make dinner, have a campfire and talk about the upcoming climbing days

Day 2:

We will spend the day climbing routes and getting use to the unique Shelf Road style of technical and vertical terrain.  This day will be focused on climbing at an on-site level and we will discuss the tools necessary to improve your on-sight ability which will include:

  • How to properly read routes while climbing
  • Look for rests and cruxes
  • Breathing techniques
  • Using a calm and confident mindset on your on-sight attempt, while being ready to shift into explosive movement
  • During this day we will also be helping climbers select projects for the next day.


Day 3:
Projecting will be the name of the game on Day 2.  We will warm-up and then challenge climbers to get on climbs above their on-sight level.  We will go over what makes a good red-point climber and practice red pointing skills like

  • Project selection
  • Route reading
  • How to work crux sections of a route
  • How to analyze and implement the best resting positions on route
  • Analysis of their over-all climbing movement and technique

Day 4:
On our final day we will focus on mileage and how to successfully complete a high number of routes.  We will have each student set a goal for themselves and we will work with them to accomplish this goal; with a focus on the determined mindset it takes to tackle an endurance day of this nature.