Inspiring Growth and Transformation



Why Next Move?

Next Move Climbing Academy is focused on climbing coaching and mentorship in the outdoor realm.

(Ages 9-17)

We are not merely taking students climbing; we are demonstrating and implementing climbing techniques as well as the physics of climbing movement. Next Move will facilitate students'  growth in climbing by having them problem-solve and adapt to various climbing terrain and difficulty. We want to help climbers develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and a growth-mindset. Our programs are designed to challenge as well as inspire climbers to take ownership of their goals and responsibility for their progress. 

 *We keep ratios low, at most 5:1, for more focused and dedicated coaching. 


Who We Are


We are obsessed with climbing. We live breathe and talk climbing. We spend our free-time plotting climbing trips, and have ventured into all types of climbing, with consciousness on how to constantly improve. From rock to ice to snow, adventuring all over the world, we want to share our passion with others. 


We are all explorers; we are ready to get down and dirty for the sake of self-discovery and self-exploration. We want those to sign-up for our programs who are curious about pushing their limits and seek to answer questions about themselves along the way. We support all our students as they challenge themselves, and we also constantly ask ourselves how to be better coaches, mentors, teachers... We are never satisfied with 'good enough,' and we want our students to feel the same. 


Outside of being climbers; we are coaches, we are guides, we are personal trainers, and we are adventure experts. We believe that the future of climbing depends on the mentorship this generation receives now; to create an inclusive, collaborative, knowledgeable, and progressive climbing community. We believe that every climber should have the opportunity to climb outside: to experience the beauty of place, a sense of wonderment, and the feeling of determination as they set their goals. We believe in a growth-mindset. We think that talents can constantly be evolved and developed through hard work, mentorship, and thoughtful strategy; and we want to help facilitate a growth-mindset in each of our participants.


What We DO


We are not merely guides: we are coaches, we are mentors.

We will be by your side to facilitate the questions necessary to help you reach your goals. We will talk movement, we will talk technique, we will talk technical skills, and we definitely will talk grit. We are here to challenge you, to push you, to support you, and to help you grow as climbers. We are intentional about every program we run, and are here to ask you the tough questions. With our maximum of 5:1 ratio, we can do all of this in a very exclusive environment with plenty of individual support.


We follow Leave No Trace ethics, and try to limit our impact as much as possible. We want to do our part in protecting our climbing areas by demonstrating the utmost respect. This will be a part of every clinic’s curriculum, as well as a brief history of the climbing area where the clinic is held.

Professional Instructors

Carly actively guides on rock and in the alpine all over the world. She is an American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) Apprentice Rock Guide and is also trained in Wilderness First Responder and CPR/First Aid. Ken is a NASM Personal Trainer, Climb Strong Coach, and an NCCC board member. To learn more about Carly and Ken, Click HERE